March 29, 2018

6 Tips To Remember As You Plan A Proposal

Sometime after love and before marriage comes an engagement. The moment just before that, there comes a perfect proposal. Most women will take pride in how he asked, so it’s essential on would-be grooms to get this part of the process just right. Even if you know you girlfriend better than anyone, it can still be hard to come up with a perfect strategy for popping the question. It’s best not to put pressure on yourself, but here are six things you should remember as you put together that magical moment. These tips may just save you some trouble and a lifetime of regret!


1. The Proposal Is About Her

You might be the biggest Eagles fan in the world, but if she can’t even name the {backup} quarterback that won us our very first Super Bowl, it’s probably best to avoid the proposal at Lincoln Financial Field. She’ll Appreciate if you make the effort to produce a proposal that fits her personality perfectly.

2. Travel Proposals Can Be Stressful

You might dream of getting engaged on the beach in the Maldives. Perhaps the Bow Bridge of Central Park is calling your name. Travel proposals can be magical, but they can also be tricky. You’ll have to carry a ring through airport security and hide it in your hotel room without it being found. These things bring into play a host of potentially ugly contingencies. If you must propose while traveling, take extra care of these details. Remember also that traveling can be stressful for some people. Be sure to give yourself enough time to decompress at your location of choice before you pop the big question.

3. She May Want To Capture The Proposal

She may already hope that when you do propose to her, that you hire a photographer. Proposal photography is a new industry that’s arisen in the age of Instagram & Snapchat. We love capturing this special moment! In a world where people capture almost every other moment of their lives, you may want to make plans to have a professional photographer capture the event. Make sure you look for a photographer specialized in weddings, as they are typically the ones who are skilled in capturing proposals. If you’re looking to get engaged around the holidays, try to book your photographer early. Their dates can get booked quickly if your not careful.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Big

One popular story on the internet cites a young man who contacted his girlfriend’s favorite author to see if the author would participate in the surprise. The author ultimately made a phone call to help him guide his would-be fiance to their meeting place. Don’t be afraid to go as big as you can with a proposal. You might find that people like being a part of fun, interesting moments, even with total strangers.

5. Involving Family And Friends Can Add More Meaning

You may be tempted to involve your family & friends. If she has a good relationship with those people, then there’s little harm in this approach. While it might not be smart to propose in front of her folks, you may find a way to involve them in a dinner or some post-proposal celebration. Many of the proposal shoots we have done, the groom-to-be had reserved dinner afterwards, but surprised her when they arrived with her family & friends there. Trust me, she’ll love all the attention!

6.  Think Of Ways To Show That She Was Always The One

One of the cutest proposals around feature a man who, after his first date with his future wife, wrote himself a letter explaining why he thought she was the one. He had it postmarked on that day and kept it until the day he proposed. Obviously, this will require some advance planning, and surely you won’t be able to swing this if you’re already two, three, or five years deep in a relationship, but keep in mind little ways to commemorate the development of your relationship. This will show her that you are thoughtful and contemplative.

Proposing should be one of the most exciting times of your life. It may be a bit stressful, but if you do it right, you’ll end up with a story she can tell until the end of time (and maybe have photographs to show! 😉 ). Take these tips and apply your own spin. The best tip of all is to make sure your proposal is personalized to her and to the unique qualities of your relationship!

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