January 20, 2021

Alexis + Hunter | Penn Oaks Golf Club Wedding | Michelle Laird Photography

Alexis + Hunter

A Classic Penn Oaks Golf Club Wedding in West Chester, Pennsylvania


My first wedding of the season at Penn Oaks Golf Club was the perfect way to start another season. Although it was the LATEST start to a season i’ve ever had – thanks COVID! They originally had their date set for April but.. like most weddings in 2020 COVID Pandemic forced them to reschedule. Luckily it was an amazing day for the couple perfect weather and the perfect way to start our wedding season.

We had so much fun photographing this wedding at Penn Oaks not only because its such a beautiful venue but Alexis & Hunter’s family and friends are AMAZING. I remember saying to nick in the hotel room where Hunter was getting ready – i feel all their friends are from Delco – i love them! When I said that to the groomsmen they all looked at me like what the hell is she talking about hahaha. They have never heard of Delco and maybe they’re better off but they sure reminded me of all our Delco friends and i loved it.

One of the main reasons i love Penn Oaks for weddings so much is because Penn Oaks has the most magical tree which is perfect for portrait time and the golf club is simple yet classic. We had the best time discovering the grounds. It got pretty windy towards the end of our bride & groom portraits but the two were having so much fun we were honeslty laughing the whole time – you’ll see below a 3-photo collage where I had Hunter spin Alexis around and it was so windy her veil flew right off!! At least we had a good time laughing idk about you guys.

I mentioned it was my first wedding of the season but they also ended the evening with a bang.. literally! I finally had the chance to photograph FIREWORKS and needless to say, it’s not too bad! I’m so used to shooting in natural light to give my “light and airy” feel and although i’m well educated in flash photography (i mean i have to be as a wedding photographer seeing that most receptions are at night) i was nervous how they were going to come out but they came out great – i LOVE them.

Beautiful day, beautiful newlyweds, beautiful everything! Check out just a few photos from Alexis & Hunter’s wedding and say your ‘congrats’ to them!

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