January 31, 2020

Todd + Michaela | Wedding at The Booking House | Michelle Laird Photography

Todd + Michaela

A Wintery Wedding at the Manheim Booking House

This venue was new to me and I can’t wait to get back there. The Booking House which is right outside of Lancaster used to be the old General Cigar Co. Warehouse which they still incorporate in the venue as this really cool cigar bar up in the room where the guys get ready! I loved the exposed bricks and beams, and the great access to some excellent portrait locations. Also there is a balcony looking over the reception – love that. SUPER cool.

From a cutout of their dog to the wall of donuts at the reception, these two had nothing but fun and love in mind. They also have one of the biggest “thunderstruck” friend group drinking game I’ve ever seen.

We absolutely adore you both! You both threw such a beautiful wedding and The Booking House was the perfect venue for you two!

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