September 14, 2019

Hunter + Alexis | An Essington Engagement Session

Tinicum Pennsylvania Engagement Session on the Beach

Alexis + Hunter Engagement Session at Hog Island Rd.

We had such an amazing time shooting Hunter & Alexis’ engagement session at Governor Prince Park in Tinicum and also right behind the Philly Airport on Hog Island Rd. Alexis made it very clear that Hunter was not looking forward to these photos and i promised her i would make it enjoyable for him and if i’m being honest I think my favorite part about this shoot was after we left and i got a text from Alexis thanking me for making it so easy and that Hunter even said “well that wasn’t so bad!”

Alexis & Hunter met back in 2015 through mutual friends celebrating the 4th of July at the beach and they instantly hit it off-talking & flirting all day.

Fast Forward a few years..Hunter mentioned to Alexis that they never go anywhere just the two of them and wanted to plan a trip to spend time together. They decided to go to Annapolis for the weekend and that Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day so they went out and celebrated with the rest of the town. They had been at one bar for a little while, and he was getting antsy which she thought nothing of at the time, but told him after she used the restroom, they should go to the next stop. When she got back, they walked down by the water because he wanted to go to the restaurant they went to last night. She noticed he was taking her the wrong way and started to walk ahead of him trying to tell him they were going the wrong way but she realized he wasn’t listening at all and finally he said, “Alexis,” and when she turned around he was on one knee. While completely shocked she immediately started laughing & crying. Here’s a cool part of the story: Turns out, when she went to the restroom, he asked random people at the bar to follow them to take pictures for him. There ALSO just happened to be a woman on the docks with her professional camera, who caught the entire moment for them – how lucky?!?

Cute fact about them: The two of them are huge foodies so Alexis once made him a book full of gift certificates to restaurants they had never been to before or usually wouldn’t try and whenever they used one, they would stick a picture of the two of them the night they went in its place in the book she made!!

I’m so so so excited for their wedding next year at the gorgeous Penn Oaks Golf Club in West Chester, PA… in the meantime enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement shoot!!!

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