August 8, 2019

Samantha + Kurt | A Summertime Manayunk Proposal

Surprise Proposal

Samantha + Kurt

A surprise proposal in Manayunk, Philadelphia

Guys, I literally say this all the time, but this may have been my favorite shoot so far. I seriously just get so lucky with all the amazing couples I get to meet.

Kurt is from Pittsburgh and that is where they both currently live, but Sam is from my hometown so I already knew who she was and we have mutual friends, she was only a few years younger then me! So this was even a little more exciting for me.

The hardest part was the communication between Kurt and I, since he was afraid sam might see me email or texting him, so i kept communication with her friends and the day of the proposal I met up with Kurt about a half hour before Sam was to arrive so we could talk and go over the perfect plan and honestly he already had a great plan, the only thing i had to do was tell him the exact spot to stand, and he nailed it perfectly!! He was so so so sweet and could tell how excited and happy he was for this to finally be happening!

Sam was visiting home from from Pittsburgh, while Kurt was supposed to be attending a golf tournament in Ohio. She was with her friend Jess and had thought they were meeting up with friends for a dinner at a restaurant but when they showed up, their table “wasn’t ready” so Jess suggested walking out back to get some photos of the water by trail behind the restaurant while they waited. Well when they got to the trail, there was Kurt all dressed up with a bouquet of Sunflowers and Sam had no idea what to do she just stopped in her tracks and kept looking back at Jess like um…. what is going on. Kurt had the BIGGEST smile on his face the whole time. He eventually had to go up the stairs and grab her to bring her down to the trail because she was just…frozen.

After the most adorable and emotional proposal i gave them a few minutes before I finally showed myself, she was like OMG thats Michelle Laird, I went to high school with her!!! She was still so shook from the proposal and now that there was a photographer capturing the whole thing and as she got close she realized she knew the photographer.. she couldn’t really keep her sentences together and it was S E R I O U S L Y the cutest thing to witness – i love everything about this girl. She could not stop thanking me the entire time, like literally.. the entire time. Oh i don’t wanna forget to mention how when a few people walked by she started waving her left hand saying “hey look, hey!! look at my ring!!!!” hahaha, she is just so damn sweet and so so funny I am truly so lucky to have been the one to capture this moment!

Even better, Kurt had alllll of Sam’s friends waiting back at Manayunk Brewery, where Sam thought they were just meeting up with a few friends and that was another incredibly emotional surprise for her. Manayunk Brewery is also the spot where Kurt asked her to be his girlfriend years ago… how cute?!

I’m so so so so happy for you guys, Sam & Kurt. You two are the sweetest happiest couple and have such a huge amazing group of friends who love and support you in every way – again, i’m so happy i was the one who got to be there for this moment.

CONGRATS again and happy wedding planning!!!

She said “wait, we have to get a thumbs up photo!”
Beautiful ring omg

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