June 4, 2021

Steph & John | Peace Valley Engagement Session | Michelle Laird Photography | Pennsylvania

Steph & John

A Peace Valley Park Engagement Session in Pennsylvania

This was a really exciting engagement session for me. 1. Because i’ve known John & Steph for a long time and 2. Steph’s vision for their engagement photos involved walking and playing around in the water – YES!

I’ve known John since 1st grade so we go WAY back and then I met Steph in middle school when we both were cheerleaders for Prospect Park Termites HAHA not many people know i used to be a cheerleader, i’ve repressed that memory pretty well myself lol.

We all went to high school at Interboro together. John moved next door to Steph and funny enough Steph’s friends made a joke that they called dibs since there was two brothers that moved in. This is when John had a HUGE red mohawk hahahaha boy do i remember that – i loved it! But apparently the mohawk was not Steph’s thing at all and took back her dibs (lol) But eventually John convinced her to hang out after weeks of asking and what do you know, that wound up being the night of their first kiss! A year after that they officially got together and have been together ever since. 11 years later these two have the cutest 4 year old son, Travis, who they love taking on adventures and exploring new places together.

We had the best time at Peace Valley park it truly was a PERFECT day. The weather was great, it was a nice overcast day giving me some of the best lighting situations and Travis got to play we took photos. At one point they told Travis to go play with rocks while we took a couple pics and next thing we know Travis is completely in the water fully clothed shoes and all hahahaha i’m glad they were so cool with that because i couldn’t stop laughing.

Steph & John: I absolutely cannot wait for the wedding day. Thank you for trusting me with such a big part of your life and the memories that you’ll hold onto forever. Enjoy some of my favorites from your engagement session!!!

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