April 13, 2018

Do You Really Need An Engagement Session?

Reasons Why You Should Have An Engagement Session With Your Wedding Photographer

So you’re probably wondering what exactly does an engagement shoot include, and do you really need one? Aren’t the wedding day photos enough? Most couples are super anxious just thinking about it, they’ve never had professional photos taken and they think that they will look/feel awkward. We get it! We really do! Of course, you don’t really NEED an engagement session. It’s your wedding, you can do whatever you want! BUT, I’m here to stress the importance of not only the engagement session, but on having it with your wedding photographer. When you think about it, you’ll be spending most of your day with us. We’re present for every single part of the day! Getting ready, first look, ceremony, reception, you name it. We’re in charge of preserving your memories on the biggest day of your life. We need to get to know each other! Engagement sessions are the perfect way to do that 😊

Engagement Shoot Old City Philadelphia

Getting Used To The Camera ( And Your Photographer )

We love to build a solid relationship with our couples, and trust me, you want the exact same with your photographer. You don’t want a total stranger in the room with you all day long taking portraits (that you’re probably already nervous about!). You want a friend.. someone who you can trust 100% with the moments happening around you. The day of your wedding is not the day to realize, “oh, wait, I’m pretty nervous in front of the camera. Your wedding day could possibly be the first time you have ever been in front of a camera as the main focus, which can make anyone feel a bit self conscious and weird, which, can show in the photos on your wedding day. You feel like you’re so awkward in front of the camera and you have no idea what to do with your hands. I totally understand that! I’m the same way. HA, why do you think my job is behind the camera?! I’ve totally got you covered! It gives me the chance to teach you how to ‘pose’ if you both are awkward in front of the camera. By having an engagement session beforehand, we get the opportunity to work with our couples one on one. It also gives us the chance to show them that this isn’t so bad! It’s not as scary as you were thinking! But not only that, we get to know you on a friend level. We get to see what you like, who you are, and get a better understanding of your love story.

Engagement Shoot West Chester Pennsylvania

Take A Break!

Think of your session as a break from wedding planning. This is the time you two to just be together. Don’t think about the flowers, the cake or that bridesmaid that doesn’t like the dresses you picked out. It’s just you, him and me. You’ll get to play, laugh, cuddle, kiss and soak up your time together. And I’ll be there to capture it.

Engagement Photo Rittenhouse Square Philly

Let Your Photographer In

As the photographer, I get to see how you two interact together! Are you super cuddly? Is he taller or shorter than you? Are you a blinker? What are the sweet things you do together? I take note of how you two connect with each other, your individual personalities and your goofy quirks. This helps me deliver images that are unique to you and your relationship!


 Engagement Photo Down Town West Chester Pennsylvania

Get To Know Your Photographer(s) And How They Work

It’s also important for you to see how we work! How do Nick and I interact with each other? How are we behind the camera? This is important for you to see so on the wedding day you’re already comfortable with us. We’re all about making our couples happy and comfortable. That’s what I want to capture on the wedding day, not you being nervous because some strange photographer has a camera in your face

Engagement Photo Down Town West Chester Pennsylvania

Other reasons for the engagement session are Save the Dates, test run for makeup, date night with your babe afterwards, gift ideas, an excuse to buy those cute shoes and of course, yaaaaaaaaaaaay we’re totally getting married pictures!!

Have I convinced you yet? To view our engagement gallery full of couples having a blast, click here




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