September 1, 2019

Kyle + Nicole | Longwood Garden Proposal

Just engaged Couple

A Springtime Longwood Gardens Proposal in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

On our way to Longwood, it started POURING and when I say pouring i mean P O U R I N G!! I honestly thought we were going to have to cancel because it was one of the worst rain storms I’ve ever been in, my windshield wipers couldn’t even keep up with how fast and hard it was coming down, i had to pull over! But thankfully after we arrived it was only drizzling rain and within 20 minutes the sun was out and beautiful as ever!

Nicole had no idea about the shoot, her and Kyle have Longwood Garden seasonal passes so she thought they were just taking another trip to walk around the gorgeous grounds. We had a perfect plan for how we were going pull this off the only tricky part was making sure we could find them (it was SUPER crowded of course) Nick and I had only seen photos of Kyle and Nicole through Facebook so we had Kyle share his location with us so we could track every step they were making – talk about some stalker moves lol.

The proposal went perfect inside Longwood’s conservatory, as planned, and when Nicole realized there were photographers hiding she was just SO excited – seriously so cute. I loved how excited she was not only about getting engaged of course but the fact that we were there to capture it all!

Congrats Nicole & Kyle and thanks so much for trusting us to capture such a special moment!!!

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