October 15, 2019

Jason + Lindsay | Married at the Waterfall | Michelle Laird Photography

Lindsay + Jason

A Summer Wedding at The Waterfall in Claymont, Delaware

The Waterfall has always been one of my favorite wedding venues for MANY MANY MANY reasons. Let’s start with the first. THE GROUNDS. The Waterfall has one of the cutest courtyards ever from the beautiful gardens, stone details to all the little waterfall details ugh just gorgeous. Second and most important. The food. Cocktail hour is always mind blowing here with a bunch of culinary stations and more than 30 (yes T-H-I-R-T-Y) different hors d’oeuvres – I’m talking sushi station, Caribbean station, beef station, pasta station.. EVERYTHING.

OKAY enough about food LOL.

We shot Lindsay and Jason’s engagement session back in October and had the pleasure of meeting all their kids and incorporating them into the photos as well! Lindsay and Jason’s love for one another is so apparent. Who they are, their personalities, their passions, their kindness, their smiles…. they are such a beautiful couple. As Jason watched Lindsay walk down the aisle, he was in tears… almost as if he was just in awe of who he gets to spend the rest of his life with. I don’t blame him! Just wait until you see Lindsay. She was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I can’t wait for you to see what I mean!

I experienced something so beautiful at this wedding that I will truly never forget. So at the reception the DJ had stopped the music and drew everyones attention to the projector. Lindsay and Jason were not expecting this and weren’t sure who put the slideshow of photos together. But in the in the same video as the slide show, there was a view of someone playing the their wedding song on the piano. Throughout this almost 5 minute video you only see the hands of this person under the slideshow until the very last couple seconds the camera reveals her FATHER! He had kept this huge secret for 6 months. On top of working 70 hour weeks he managed to learn to play the piano so he could learn their wedding song, which is a very difficult song in itself. He was even sneaky enough to slip it to the DJ to play while she was walking down the aisle! Not that she noticed with all the nerves and trying not to fall in her GORGEOUS Louboutin’s – red bottom of course. The ballroom was obviously filled with SHOCK and many tears – it was amazing!! As Lindsay said “Not only did he give us the greatest gift of all, but this video he made truly captures the beautiful essence of our “blended” family. It is the most beautiful, timeless gift we could have received.”

So, enjoy my favorites from this amazing day. Congratulations Lindsay and Jason! Nick and I are thrilled to have been a small part of such a big season of your life!!

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